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Welcoming our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters to join hands with us in prayer at
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Welcome To Makkah Masjid Chicago

6355 N Claremont Ave, Chicago, IL 60659

About Us

ABNA-E-ISLAM FOUNDATION was established in the year 2019 with the efforts of the local community and like-minded people from various backgrounds. The foundation runs MAKKH MASJID to provide social, religious, and spiritual requirements for its visitors, and members. The essence of this foundation is immersed in the love and footprints of our beloved Prophet (sw), Ahlebait, Sahaba Karam (RA), and Sufi style. 


Teaching Al-Quran

Makkah Masjid Chicago have dedicated teachers who will make sure you learn Al-Quran properly and regularly.


We have weekly Zikr Meeting after Isha Salah. It is led by a Shaikh of Sufi thought. It creates a peaceful and soothing ambience.

Geust Speakers

We invite guest speakers from various backgrounds. The service tied to our mission of a harmonious community.

Community Services

We provide several services that includes langer (community meal) and  sadaqah distribution on regular basis.

The Pillers Of Islam

Be sure to hold these pillars of Islam very close to your heart. May Allah guide you on the right path. Take a closer look at these.











Help Us Thrive

Our sole source of financial survival is through donation. we are small our requirements aren’t humongous. We wholeheartedly encourage everyone to support us so that we could provide better services and uplift the condition of our center. Even a small donation of a couple of dollars might be of some help.

Also, you can help us by volunteering for the foundation with your unique skills, or just arranging tables and chairs, cleaning the masjid, decorating during certain days etc. Your help and support in any form or shape is appreciated. For more questions, please contact our board member Moazzam Syed.

You can Zelle or Quick pay, the money directly goes to our bank account. JazakAllah KhaiA